Toyota Sewing Machines - since 1946. The first TOYOTA sewing machine was built under the strict supervision of Kiichiro Toyoda himself, the founder of TOYOTA Motor Corporation. Kiichiro Toyoda had a strong belief that home-use products must be "functional" but yet "beautiful" at the same time. The first TOYOTA sewing machine HA-1 type was so highly evaluated that it was allowed to use the same TOYOTA trademark as the TOYOTA automobiles. Since then, TOYOTA sewing machine has continued to progress under the company mottoes of "Quality Supremacy", "User Friendliness" and "Elegant Appearance" with a strong emphasis on "Environmental Awareness".

Introducing the latest 2018 model collection. You will find a fantastic range of home sewing machines from the entry level, ergonomic and easy to use ECO machines to the range topping award winning OEKAKI Renaissance, Toyota's flagship sewing machine. 

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