Easypay - Recurring charges from your debit or credit card, helping customers spread the cost of purchasing from us.


No credit checks undertaken, no forms to sign - we simply ask you match our crieria shown below.

Once you agree to EasyPay by phone or online, this means that all the criteria below is the truth.

If you give false information you will forfeit the ability to use Easypay and any balance will become due immedately.

In the event of a failed payment and subsequent failure to pay upon request we reserve the right to refer any outstanding money owed to us to the small claims court, law enforcement agencies and credit reference agencies. 

In order to use Easypay, we ask that you accept the following criteria:

- You own your own home in Mainland UK
- You are on the electorial roll

We have a range of deals / plans on Easypay depending on the machine you choose
1. One payment with order and then 1, 2 or 3 further payments 
2. 25% deposit + 3 further monthly payments 

If you put more than 1 item in the basket on EasyPay, please contact us BEFORE placing your order for authorisation.

Important notice: This is not a credit agreement and we do not offer credit, only the ability to spread your payment over a maximum period of 4 months.

This is a unique offering and we are one of the only companies in the UK that offers this facility.


If you cancel after placing your order for any reason, your first payment will not be refunded and charged as an administration fee.

Please ensure you are able to afford the payments before making any purchase.

If you give false information or do not have the criteria to qualify for Easypay, your first payment or deposit will not be returned and charged as an administration fee and action will be taken as outlined on this page.

Easypay can only be used by Mainland UK customers. If you are outside the UK mainland, please contact us as we still may be able to help.

If your payments are not met for any reason, the full outstanding balance will become due immediately.


This does not affect your statutory rights.