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Specification sheet download (PDF) | Compare Atelier Series Machines (PDF)

The Atelier 9 is the first machine in its series to include both sewing and embroidery. This great machine includes Wi-Fi capability that makes it easy to send embroidery designs from an iPad or computer straight to the machine. In addition, the Atelier 9 includes three iPad apps: AcuEdit, AcuMonitor and AcuSetter to make your sewing and embroidery time more efficient.

Enjoy choosing up to 250 embroidery designs, including 40 exclusive designs by Anna Maria Horner along with 300 stitches. With a maximum embroidery size of 6.7" x 7.9" and sewing speeds of 1000 SPM, the Atelier 9 provides a full suite of powerful capabilities to ensure all projects are beautiful, yet easily executed. Navigating through these great features is easy with the Atelier 9's LCD color touchscreen.

Accessory Feet
A generous supply of 22 presser feet come included with the Atelier 9.

AcuFeed Flex
Our AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System has long been legendary in the sewing and quilting world for its amazing precision and power. The AcuFeed Flex system is removable – when not in use, simply store it in one of the ample accessory trays. Adding and removing is easy! AcuFeed Flex now comes in two useful options. The two-pronged AcuFeed feet advance fabric flawlessly from the top and bottom. Use this system for quilting, seaming, and traditional sewing. Our special one-pronged AcuFeed feet give precise control for more detailed work, like installing zippers and matching seams.

AcuGuide Automatic Cloth Guide
Now your seam allowances can be accurate as our precision embroidery system. Simply snap the cloth guide onto the carriage arm of the embroidery mechanism and enter your desired seam allowance. The guide features a long; raised lip, for perfectly guiding your fabric, and seams can be between ½” to the left of the needle to 5 ½” to the right of the needle. The carriage moves every 0.1mm for finely-tuned settings.

Adjustable Foot Pressure
Easily alter the downward pressure from the presser foot depending on your project. Use less foot pressure for easily damaged fabrics like velvet, or free motion quilting. Use more foot pressure for sewing with slippery fabrics.

Auto Presser Foot Lift
The auto presser foot lift automatically lifts the presser foot after a thread cut – when the thread snip button is pressed, or after a programmed thread cut at the end of a row of decorative stitches – allowing you to keep your hands on your project at all times. It can also be set to raise at the end of any seam, with the needle the down position for easy pivoting. This great feature simplifies the sewing process – you have less manual steps to save time and increase efficiency.

Horizontal, full rotary hook bobbin
The bobbin drops into the bobbin holder and sits horizontally, providing very easy bobbin loading – simply drop the bobbin into position and you’re ready to sew. No bobbin case to remove, and do not worry about thread jamming. This bobbin configuration is also easy to view while sewing through the clear plastic bobbin cover, so it is easy to see when the bobbin is running low.

Bobbin Thread Sensor
When embroidering or sewing large projects, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of how much bobbin thread is left. The bobbin thread sensor alerts you when your bobbin thread is running low – so you’re never caught in the middle of a seam or embroidery colour. The Atelier 9 has an advanced sensor system which allows you to set the level of sensitivity for the alert – customize it for large scale embroidery projects, when you want to make sure you always have plenty of bobbin thread, or small projects with short seams. This feature is also very helpful for sewing with different thread thicknesses. You can increase the sensitivity when using a thick bobbin thread, and lower it for thin threads.

Bobbin Winder Plate with Cutter
The bobbin winder plate has five cutting blades. Faster and smoother winding, easy thread cutting and your bobbin is ready to go!

One-Step Buttonholes
A button is placed into the gauge of a special foot for buttonhole formation. The foot works with a sensor on the machine to create perfectly sized buttonhole. This creates quick, easy buttonholes of an accurate size for the button of choice. The Atelier 9 includes 11 built-in buttonholes including a 9mm wide style.

Compact Embroidery Unit
Great design is in the details. Janome engineers have found a way to offer large, solid, professional style embroidery – and still keep the embroidery unit as compact as possible. No other brand can offer so much embroidery space, with such a small machine foot print. The attachable embroidery unit snaps right into the back of the machine – you don’t have to worry about giant sewing spaces to accommodate bulk to the left of the needle! Plus, this innovative embroidery unit placement means you can use the free arm, even when sewing embroidery. It’s the kind of smart engineering that Janome owners have long known to expect.

Corner Layout for Embroidery
It’s easy to make corners and borders for your embroidery designs. Simply place one corner design in a quadrant of the layout screen, then press the Corner Button. The design is automatically duplicated and placed in corner locations.

Cutwork Enabled
The Atelier 9 has a special cutwork function built directly into the machine. When formatted designs are imported to the machine, the Atelier 9 displays the embroidery pattern with detailed information, including the proper cutwork needles for insertion. It also automatically changes the settings for thread sensors and jump thread trimming when a cutwork needle is attached. It’s just one more way the Atelier 9 sets free all of your creative options.

Direct Input of Stitch Numbers
Sometimes you need to scroll through a design while it is stitching. The Atelier 9 allows you to type in the exact stitch number so that you can quickly move through stitches to a specific location in an embroidery design.

Drop Feed
This feature allows the user to drop the feed dog under the needle plate. This de-activates the feeding system, so fabric is no longer fed while the machine is in operation. Sewists can free motion quilt, sew on a button, or do other types of free–form sewing.

Easy Convenience Features:
- Automatic Thread Cutter
Thread is cut at the push of a button. Button is located right at your fingertips – no reaching for scissors. Leaves very short thread tails, saving thread.
- Easy Reverse Button
Reverse button allows you to easily back stitch for locking seams. This conveniently located button can also be used to stop a stitch pattern before completion.
- Locking Stitch Button
Ties off the end of the thread, no need to back stitch to lock a seam. Ideal for securing seams on delicate fabrics, or when using decorative stitches.
- Memorised Needle Up/Down
Push button to set needle to stop in the up or down position. Set the needle in the down position for easy pivoting on corners and for seamless free motion embroidery. Set the needle to the up position for easy fabric removal.
- Speed Control Slider
Set the speed for comfortable sewing. This slider allows you to set the top speed of the machine. Set to slower speeds for intricate work, high speeds for long straightening seams. A popular feature for beginners – never sew faster than your comfort zone. Setting to the slow speed is also popular for applique work. Can be set as high as 1000 spm or as low as 60 spm.
- Start/Stop Button
The start/stop button allows the machine to sew without using the foot pedal. Great for long seams, as in drapes, or for quick mending. This button also allows for speed control. At the start of a seam, simply press and hold to slow down, and release to stop. This Janome exclusive feature allows great control at the start and end of seams.

Easy Set Bobbin Case and Cover
The specially designed bobbin case and cover mean there’s no need to pull long thread tails up and through when you first thread the machine. Slip the bobbin thread in the cover plate guide; the built in cutting blades trim the tail to the correct length for a super-clean start to your stitching line. After the initial threading, the auto-thread cutter takes care of trimming and re-setting the tails each time.

Embroidery Couching
The Atelier 9 features 11 embroidery designs created especially for Yarn Couching. This specialised technique stitches yarn in a design for a textured and unique decorative effect. The machine includes two feet sizes to accommodate various yarn weights.

Ergonomic Knee Lift
The ergonomic knee lift is a lever that extends downward from the machine, so that the user can control the presser foot with their knee. Very helpful when sewing a project that requires you to keep hands on the fabric at all times – hands don’t have to move to raise the presser foot. Also helpful for quilting and applique when fabric needs to be frequently maneuvered. Available in an adjustable design, which can be manipulated to rest in the most comfortable position for each person.

Extra High Presser Foot Lift
Apply extra pressure to lift the presser foot an extra amount, above the regular range of motion. Great for sewing with layers or bulky fabrics.

Free Arm
Remove part of the machine base, creating a narrow table under the needle. Easily sew cuffs, trouser legs and other tubular objects. Also helpful for sewing in hard to reach areas of a project.

Free Motion Quilting
Finishing your projects from start to finish is a feeling that can’t be matched – especially when your project is a quilt! The Atelier 9 makes free motion quilting easier than ever. Customise the foot height for your project and preference – set it high for a lofty quilt with lots of batting, or low if you like a little drag on your stitches. You can even memorise your setting to use later.

Full Colour TouchScreen
LCD Colour Touchscreen shows a range of data for stitches and feet selection, and helpful sewing information. The 5” screen allows you to edit, design and create on a bright and easy to use workspace.

Jump Thread Trimming
With Janome embroidery, simply press “GO”! Don’t worry about stopping a design to trim threads. With automatic jump thread trimming, the machine cuts jump threads, allowing you to save time and energy even as you create beautiful, intricate embroidery. After the machine trims the thread, it pulls the thread tail to the back of the embroidery for flawless, professional results.

Linear Motion Embroidery
Janome pioneered the home embroidery market with an X-Y movement in the 1990s with the Memory Craft 8000. As the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial desktop robots, we implemented and perfected this technology.
This expertise now comes back to sewing, with our state of the art Linear Motion Embroidery System. This system uses 3 linear motion guides – two on the X axis, one on the Y – which allows for unrivalled stability and smooth movement, even with our giant GR hoop.

More Stitches, More Built-in Embroidery!
The Atelier 9 includes an amazing array of built in stitches and embroidery designs. You’ll find 300 built-in stitches, including 11 different styles of buttonholes. Three fonts provide variety for decorative stitch monogramming. 250 built-in embroidery designs are standard, including 40 exclusive Anna Maria Horner designs. The monogramming capabilities are better than ever, with 20 monogramming fonts, and 2&3 letter options. With so many standard stitch and embroidery designs your creativity is unlimited!

One-hand Needle Threader
When depressed, the one-hand needle threader stays in the down position for more control and extra easy threading.

One Step Plate Converter
Using the right tools at the right time is important in sewing. When using lightweight fabrics, or piecing quilts, a straight stitch needle makes all the difference. Our One-Step Plate Converter allows you to easily switch and use the perfect plate for your project. Simply press a button to release one plate; then snap a new one in place – it takes only seconds, with no screwdrivers required! The enhanced straight stitch plate allows for users to move the needle slightly on the straight stitch plate for scant ¼” seams. This system also includes a sensor that will only allow an appropriate stitch to be sewn when the straight stitch needle plate is in place, so you never have to worry about breaking a needle! Both needle plates are included as standard accessories.

Single Colour Sewing
Monochrome embroidery adds an elegant touch to your projects. A one button command allows you to change all of the colours in an embroidery design, so you no longer need to edit each colour in a design.

Six Ultra-Bright LED Lights
Ultra-bright LED lights in three locations illuminate the bed of the machine, providing a dazzling work area.

Smart and Useful iPad Apps
Janome’s apps, AcuSetter, AcuEdit and AcuMonitor will bring a whole new dimension to your sewing and embroidery. AcuMonitor allows you to watch the progress of the embroidery stitch-outs on your iPad – now you can leave your sewing room without leaving your machine. The AcuEdit app lets you design embroidery anywhere, anytime. It includes the full design editing capability of your Atelier 9 on your iPad as well as ten monogram fonts. When your design is complete, simply use the machine’s wireless connection to transfer. The new AcuSetter App brings camera technology to design placement for the ultimate in precise, trouble free embroidery positioning. Use your iPad and the Atelier 9 WiFi capabilities for perfect placement of embroidery. It’s the simple, easy solution for placing embroidery exactly where you want it! The app sends to your machine through the WiFi connection.

Stitch Composer
The unique Stitch Composer program allows you to create and edit stitches from your computer. 100 stitches are built into the program, or for a truly customised experience, create your own from scratch! The program is easy to use, and transferring stitches to your machine is a snap.

Stitch Count
300 built in stitches including 11 buttonholes and 10 alphabets give you the perfect range of stitches for any task. Special buttonhole settings allow fine adjustments for precise detail.

Stitch Tapering Function
Create original designs for borders and decorative effects with the Stitch Tapering Function. This distinctive feature allows you to adjust stitches at 30, 45, 90 and 120 angle to combine and edit built-in stitches. Apply this specialised technique through 41 stitches with the tapering function.

Tension Control
Auto Tension System – When “A” is selected on the tension dial, the machine automatically adjusts the tension based on the fabric thickness. Especially useful when switching between fabric layer and types. Allows user to create perfect stitch consistency on a wide range of materials. The user can set her own tension by selecting numbers on the tension dial.

Variable Zig Zag
Advanced tools give advanced abilities for creative expression. The Atelier 9 includes a great tool for creativity: Variable Zig Zig. This feature enables precision control over the stitch width via the knee lift! Thread painters will rejoice at the ease of control of the stitch width. Begin with a straight stitch, then while the machine is still running, press against the knee lifter to widen your stitch to a 9mm zigzag. Release pressure to gradually return to a straight stitch for a tapered finish. This advanced feature opens up amazing new possibilities for creation expression with free motion quilting, thread painting, raw edge applique, free motion monogramming, and more.

Wi-Fi Certified: Send Designs to your Machine Wirelessly
No more USB’s or cords required! Now you can send embroidery designs from your computer or iPad directly to your sewing machine using a wireless connection. Smart, Simple, and Convenient.

The largest workspace in its class! 8.25” x 13” of spacious bed space. With 8.25”to the right of the needle there’s room for any project.

9mm Zig-Zag
You can create 9mm wide stitches on your Atelier 9. The extra width makes all of your decorative stitches bolder, brighter, and more distinct. Wider, more distinct stitches allow you to fill more area with stitching, quicker – saving you valuable time while sewing!

91 Needle Positions
The Atelier 9 offers an unbelievable 91 needle positions. This allows for more detail in decorative stitches, and incredible fine adjustments in all stitch creation, and with 9mm stitch width, this sort of bold detail can be easily appreciated.

Note: model shown Skyline S9 - UK Equivalent model Atelier 9 - photos currently being updated to reflect UK model. UK model ATELIER 9 will be sent.


Agency models are machines that we sell on behalf of Janome, Brother and Elna, the guarantee for these machines vary from 2-3 years parts and labour only (service is not included).

For all non-agency machines we include a NO COST service every year. We only ask that you as the customer cover the carriage cost to send the machine to us.

If you would like your machine collected from you (mainland UK only), we then collect, service and redeliver your machine to you. The total cost of this service is £30 inc. return postage. This represents a huge saving as the cost of getting a sewing machine serviced locally around the country normally ranges from £60 to £100.

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We do not guarantee any machine for any business use. We can only guarantee machines for domestic use.  If you are a small business, as long as you notify us prior to purchasing we will then advise you if it is correct for your business and the guarantee we can offer you.

Guarantees from the Manufacturers
Our Machines are brand new and have a full manufacturer’s warranty. Registration may be required.
Manufacturers warranties normally vary between 2 years and 5 years.

Warranty for 15 Years on selected models
Parts and labour for 15 years on selected models. When purchasing a selected new machine from this website you're safe in the knowledge that you can buy with peace of mind. 

What's covered? Bone-fide faults. As per the manufacturers Guarantee. 

What's not covered? Very little. Naturally this extended cover excludes willful damage, misuse, repairs caused by overuse or repairs made necessary by commercial use. Also "consumable items" such as belts, bulbs,bobbin cases and needles as stated on the manufacturers guarantee document.

All our new sewing machines undergo a pre delivery factory inspection and are tested for your assurance, so you can be confident that your machine will reach you, ready to tackle the toughest tasks, straight from the box.

If for some reason your new machine is found to be in need of attention due to problems caused through faulty components for a period of 6 months we will sanction our "no carriage cost" back to base, repair and return of your machine within the UK mainland.

Please contact us first as all repair/returns must be authorised prior to being sent. We will e-mail you or post a RMA form before repairs are authorised.



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This does not affect your statutory consumer rights and will apply only to machines purchased for use in the UK mainland.

All machines must be used for normal domestic purposes. The warranty does not cover consumable items such as: needles, bobbins, bobbin cases, bulbs, belts, non-metal parts, loopers, blades, timing adjustments etc as stated in the manufacturers warranty. 

This guarantee does not affect your statutory consumer rights

Industrial machines are covered for 1 year only. This is due to the weight and size of the machine, we cannot collect or redeliver during the guarantee, however, all labour and parts are free for the first year.

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